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The Parisian born and Brussels based French pianist has a fluent technique and produces a lovely tone, but it’s his musicality that wins…

Audiophilia, July 2014

Pianist Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont has built a reputation as an idiosyncratic performer widely appreciated for his musical intelligence, sensitive interpretations and innovative ideas. His multifaceted musical personality and insatiable curiosity have led him in exciting new directions, going beyond the beaten paths of the usual conformist-thinking musicians and giving him a distinctive view on the works he interprets.

Since his debut in 1996, Dablemont has performed regularly as a soloist on many prestigious stages throughout Europe. His repertoire spans from Bach to Boulez, with particular emphasis on Beethoven, Ravel and Russian repertoire such as Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev and Medtner.

Since his childhood, the pianist has been experimenting with electronic media and he has developed professional proficiency in recording techniques and studio work. Radio, television and recordings have played a very important role in Dablemont’s relationship with music.

Dablemont started recording in fall 2011 and released his much-anticipated debut album in July 2012, Introducing Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont, which rapidly earned widespread acclaim. In 2013 he recorded his second album, dedicated to Beethoven sonatas op. 27 and 28. The new album was released in July 2014 and was named Star Album of the Year by the Canadian magazine Audiophilia.

As a prelude to the album release, Dablemont unveils his first video work, a web series in 5 parts called  “If Beethoven blogged“, produced by the pianist and music journalist Mary Matz.

The pianist successfully released his third album, Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont plays Bach, on February 2016 via ZeD Classics. His recording projects include the complete cycle of Beethoven's piano sonatas on ZeD Classics. The second volume will feature the opp. 10 and 13 and will be released for Christmas 2016.

Besides music, writing about music has remained one of Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont’s foremost interests. The pianist kept a widely read blog for seven years where he wrote about his unique musical aesthetics, and he shared detailed essays on works he particularly likes.

Born in Paris in 1979, he enjoyed a privileged and sheltered childhood in a non-musical family. His musical gifts became apparent early on, and though his parents never pushed him, he quickly became serious about piano and began his education under Véronique Menuet-Stibbe. He then worked under Marc Lys, Françoise Thinat at the Ecole Normale de Musique Alfred Cortot and Hugues Leclère at the Conservatoire Darius Milhaud in Paris. He completed his studies at the Prague Conservatory studying with František Maxián (2004-2009). Dablemont currently lives in Brussels, Belgium.

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| Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont plays Bach Out Today

Pianist Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont has released Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont plays Bach, his third album, on ZeD Classics. The album features some of the most celebrated keyboard works, the toccata in E minor, the first partita in B-flat Major and the sixth partita in E minor. “This album is the result of a long exploration of Bach works on a modern piano”, says pianist Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont.

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| New album “Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont plays Bach”, out February 15, 2016

On February 15, 2016, pianist Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont will release Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont plays Bach, his third album, on ZeD Classics. The record follows Dablemont’s two first acclaimed albums Introducing Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont (2012) and Beethoven opp. 27 & 28 (2014). “This album is the result of a long exploration of Bach works on a modern piano”, says pianist Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont.