The Party

Around 1860 attracts a group of musicians by the English provinces.

A musical group with names such as violinist Henry Vieuxtemps, bassist Giovanni Bottesini, harmonium player Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens, and his wife Helen Sherrington, a famous soprano at that time.

Hendrickje van Kerckhove, Bart Rodyns, Eliot Lawson and Lode Leire bring this ‘Party’ back to life.

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The party - UK Tour 1860

| New album UK Tour 1860 out 03/15/2018

The ensemble for a romantic century The Party released their debut album UK Tour 1860 on ZeD Classics today. ZeD Classics is very proud to issue such a powerful debut album in which ‘The Party’ performs a program as the original ensemble would have done then: obstinate, varied, passionate, expressive and above all spellbinding.