E. Durlet – Sonatas for violin and piano after Kennis

ZED17002 | Release date: December 15th, 2017 | , | Eliot Lawson, Kiyotaka Izumi

World premiere recording The sonatas for piano and harpsichord · Version for Violin and Piano by Emmanuel Durlet

Durlet (1893-1977) is the author of a new version of the following works of GG Kennis: 9 sonatas for violin and piano, two sonatas for cello and piano, transcribed the Sonata No. IV for violin and piano for 2 pianos, and sonata No. IX for clarinet and piano.

He did not literally transcribe Kennis’ sonatas for violin and piano. He used, probably to avoid too difficult runs for violin, the initial themes of the exposition of several sonatas from the opp. 1 and 3 by Kennis. Out of this Durlet created a new piece in the style of Kennis, with a simple piano accompaniment. A few sonatas even received a short piano-intro missing in the works of Kennis. Emmanuel Durlet transposed the sonata nr. 2 from B-flat major to A major.

Gilbert Huybens

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