Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont plays Bach Out Today

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – February 15, 2016 – Pianist Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont has released Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont plays Bach, his third album, on ZeD Classics. The record follows Dablemont’s two first acclaimed albums Introducing Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont (2012) and Beethoven opp. 27 & 28 (2014). “This album is the result of a long exploration of Bach works on a modern piano”, says pianist Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont.

The album features some of the most celebrated keyboard works, the toccata in E minor, the first partita in B-flat Major and the sixth partita in E minor. “This album is the result of a long exploration of Bach works on a modern piano”, said pianist Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont. “Releasing this album is like inviting the listener in my secret garden, in my inner musical life”, he added.

This album also introduces a new production workflow. Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont, instead of the producer, took the lead for the creative and technical aspects of the editing process. If the pianist has always been actively involved in this phase of studio work, it’s the first time Dablemont chooses the takes and splices them together for a whole album. “It was very interesting for me to take the time to build this album from scratch by myself and it is an exceptional way to cast a new light on works you play every day.”, declared pianist Pierre-Arnaud Dablemont.

Audiophilia’s Anthony Kershaw sums it all up: “The music unfolds so naturally — nothing seems strained, nothing forced. The best of Bach.”

The album is available on CD on Bandcamp and in stores, in digital on all major platforms and in HD on HIGHRESAUDIO.

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